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 1402 8th Avenue N.W. – Riley Park Village  - Caleo Health Suite 200



  Riley Park Village
1402 8th Avenue N.W.
  Suite 200
  Calgary, Alberta,
  T2N 1B9 

  Walking Distance from the SAIT /ACAD/ Jubilee C-Train Station

Phone: (403) 452-0999

Fax: (403) 452-0995


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Directions from Downtown Calgary:

  • Head westbound from the downtown core
  • Travel northbound on 14th Street
  • Turn Right onto 8th Avenue N.W.
  • Red Brick Buiding on the North Sid of the Street  
  • Surface Parking Available for $2.00 per hour




Telephone numbers for the clinic

  • Direct line for Dr. Morse, Dr. Christie, Dr. Lorincz & Dr. van Rooyen, call 403.374.0781

  • Direct line for Dr. Bowman, Dr. Meerholz, call 403.984.5454

  • Direct line for Dr. Soumbasis call 403.452.5608

  • Direct line for Physiotherapy & Chiropractic, call 403.241-3529

  • Direct line for Dr. Lewkonia call 403-984-1910

  • Direct line for Dr. Klasa call 403-452-0999 Ext. 255

  • Direct line for Dr. Louw, call 403.984.5458

  • Direct line for Dr. Braithwaite, call 403.984.5458

  • Direct line for Dr. Giantomaso, call 403.452.6876

  • Direct line for Dr. Bouchard, call 403.944.8236 (FMC) or 403.984.1910 (Caleo Health)

  • Direct line for Dr. Cho, call 403.452.6931

  • Direct line for Dr. Cundal, call 403.452.6911 or (RGH) Rockyview General Hospital cast clinic

  • Direct line for Dr. Hu, call 403.944.2036 (Foothills Hospital) or 403.452.6079 (Caleo Health)

  • Direct line for Dr. Swamy, call 403.944.4487 (FMC) Foothills Hospital

  • Direct line for Dr. Thomas, call 403.944.3070 (FMC) Foothills Hospital

  • Direct line for Dr. Alex Soroceanu, call 403.984.5456

  • Clinic Fax Numbers: 403.452.0995 (main) & 403.984.5445 (physicians) & 403.984.5469 (diagnostics)


 Other important telephone numbers

  • Direct line for Spine Assessment Information & Booking Coordinators, call 403.452.4798

  • Direct line for Disability Management  Amy call 403.374.0593 or Stacey call 403.452.1400

  • Direct line for Clinic Manager, call 403.452.6018

  • Direct line for Clinic Director , call 403.452.0999, extension 229



Please click on the Links below for referral information and forms. 

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 How to Make a Spine Referral


 Botox® for Chronic Migraine Referral Form


 Pain Clinic - Physical Medicine Referral Form

(Not for Spine Assessment Referrals)




In Remembrance of Mark Storring

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WOLF-EMR USERS e-Referrals


Spine Assessment  e-Referral




Chronic Migraine e-Referral




Chronic Pain e-Referral 



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